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Present at international fairs

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Crispim Abreu with the support of QREN has been in several fairs to promote and divulgation of our brands of home textile (Casasoft), children´s clothes (Agatha Ruiz de La Prada and Miguel Vieira Junior) and of his jerseys (Crispim Abreu).

The fairs that have been present are:


- HeimTextil 2013 (Casasoft) na Alemanha

- Pitti Bimbo June 2012, January 2013, July 2013 (Agatha Ruiz de La Prada) in Italy

- Fimi July 2012 and January 2013 (Agatha Ruiz de La Prada) in Spain

- Premier Vision September 2012, February 2013 (Crispim Abreu) in France

- Bubble June 2013 (Agatha Ruiz de La Prada and Miguel Vieira Junior) in United KingdomQREN

Energy and environment

Aware of the responsibility of preserving the natural recourses for the coming generations, Crispim Abreu Cia Lda have assumed a strategy of minimizing the environmental impact resulting of its industrial activity trough the development of processes and products environmentally friendly.

Practices consistent of solutions that favour the commitment of the company in reducing the ecological footprint, allowed access to opportunities and tangible benefits, such as:

  • Costs reduction with energy and raw materials
  • Installation of a central of power production combined of heat and electricity;
  • Installation of a thermal recovery system from the liquid and gaseous effluents; Each of the investments stated before allowed reduce energy costs and, consequently, the emissions of gases with greenhouse effect.
  • Treatment and reduction of water consumption; Characterisation, treatment and optimization of water consumption;
  • Management and treatment of waste: reduction, sorting and recovery of waste;
  • Characterization of gaseous emissions;
  • Reduction and monitoring of gaseous emissions;


Crispim Abreu & Cia. Lda. is clearly committed in a culture of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit, seeking to transform ideas and technologies in innovative products and services. The strategic context in which the innovation activities are developed is naturally aligned with diversified networks of scientific knowledge, in order to make more objective activities capable of contributing to increased competitiveness and value creation through the implementation of innovation processes. The approach to innovation policy has led the participation of the company in projects of R&D, more particularly in:

Goblue - Biotechnology applied to textile process
Project partners:

  • School of Biotechnology
  • Catholic University
  • Citeve
  • Bayer
  • Orfama

2nd - Dermis - Textiles technology at the service of health: functional textiles as form of prevention and control of immunological diseases (atopic dermatitis)

Project partners:

  • Medical School of Oporto University
  • Pharmacy School of Oporto University
  • Biotechnology School of the Catholic University
  • Citeve
  • Centi

Social Responsibility

Currently Crispim Abreu & co. Lda., besides its interest in fulfilling their organizational objectives, has the concern of giving its structure the resources needed of control and prevention of Health and safety of its workers, as well as, contributing , with donations to support organizations in various areas, such as the fight against poverty, support to children, tackling drug addiction, humanitarian associations, recreation and sport associations.


Head Office
S. Bartolomeu - Serzedelo
4765-918 Riba de Ave

+351 252 900 850



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Crispim Abreu & Cª, Lda was created in 1981, in the cradle of the Portuguese textile zone (Serzedelo - Riba de Ave). It was founded by the actual General Manager, Mr. Crispim Abreu, and